More Than Moisturiser Rich, 5ml Sample Sachet
More Than Moisturiser Rich, 5ml Sample Sachet

More Than Moisturiser Rich, 5ml Sample Sachet

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Age is just a number (and who says you should ever act it?) – but as you get older, your skin’s needs change. Over the age of around 30, cell turnover slows and the body produces less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. This leads to fine lines, dryness and a gradual loss of elasticity. 

More Than Moisturiser Rich is a creamy, luxurious formula that’s packed with actives that target exactly those things.

For starters, there’s bakuchiol - a natural and non-irritating alternative to retinol and proven to have all the same anti-ageing benefits. Then there's low weight hyaluronic acid which travels deeper into skin than higher weight hyaluronic, helping bakuchiol to promote collagen production while delivering exceptional levels of hydration.

To help restore skin's elasticity we've added skin-softening ceramides, which also help reduce the appearance of fine lines. And for extra protection? There's coenzyme Q10, organic CO2-extracted rosehip and cacay oils and skin-brightening, vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum. Each are potent antioxidants (combatting damage from negative environmental factors like pollution and UV) as well as exceptional nourishers. 

We like to think of it as a tub of long-term love for your skin's future. You can just enjoy its rich luscious creaminess.

Use it at nighttime in conjunction with More than Moisturiser during the day- or use it in the daytime too, if you prefer thicker formulas. 


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