Hello, we're Tandem

We create skincare that does more, but with fewer products. Because we think that skincare has become overcomplicated.

We were sure (scrap that, we were certain) that looking after your skin could be simpler, easier on your bank balance and easier on the environment.

So welcome to our range of multi-functioning heroes. Fewer products, created with the best science-backed natural ingredients and actives, designed to streamline your skincare routine while giving skin everything it needs.

What we do

  • Streamline your skincare routine by combining proven natural and organic ingredients and the best clinical actives into a small number of brilliantly hardworking formulas.

  • Ease-of-use. No more mind-boggling product layering or multi-step marathons. 

  • Products that you'll use up. Every. Last. Drop.

  • True organic credentials for our daily essentials (no greenwashing thanks) - through COSMOS Organic certification from the UK Soil Association. 

  • Natural bases balanced with high-strength clinical actives for our targeted treatments. It's a magical combo (except it's not magic, it's science). 

  • Use recycled and recyclable packaging. in the few areas that's not currently possible, we'll tell you why. 

  • Vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. We're certified vegan by the Vegan Society and our products are approved as cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny programme.

What we don't do

  • Claim you need twelve products that essentially all do the same thing.

  • Create products just for "new news". Our approach to innovation is based on quality, not quantity. 

  • Formulate with known irritants and skin disruptors. Parabens and sulfates. Anything harmful to skin or soil. No thanks, move along. 

  • Packaging that's pretty but pointless (or worse: pretty and pricey).

  • Animal testing or suppliers who are ok with it. 

  • Sell through third-party retailers. No middle-man means a better price for you. 

Our Founders - Sophie and Sam

About us

Back in 2015, Sophie founded organic body care brand Sister & Co. We went on an amazing journey with products selling through some of the world's best-known department stores and online retailers.

Sister & Co. customers soon began to ask us for skincare for face, based on the same principles as our body formulas - natural, accessibly priced products that worked and were easy to use. Time and again customers would tell us that they found skincare confusing. They weren't sure how many "steps" should make up a skincare routine, were confused by ingredients and didn't know which products to choose for their particular skin type. There was also growing concern about skincare's environmental impact, but so much confusion over the actual meanings of buzzwords like ‘sustainable’ and ‘zero waste’.

As a result of this strong and consistent feedback from our community, Tandem Skincare was born.

The power of feedback is a key reason why we’ve chosen to sell Tandem Skincare direct to you - not through third-party retailers. After over four years of selling through other shops, we think things can be done a little differently, and you’ll be the ones to benefit.

Hope to meet you on the journey!

Sophie and Sam, Tandem Co-Founders.

We’d love you to meet our sister brand. Sister & Co. delivers everyday luxury through sumptuous bath, body and babycare products that don't cost the Earth.