Hello, we're Tandem.

We create skincare that does more, but with fewer products. Because we think that skincare has become overcomplicated.

We were sure (scrap that, we were certain) that looking after your skin could be simpler, easier on your bank balance and easier on the environment.

So welcome to our range of seriously hard-working heroes. Fewer products, which really work, designed to streamline your skincare routine, while giving your skin everything it needs. Skin's complicated, skincare doesn't need to be.

TANDEM - It’s what we do.

No bikes involved. Learn more.

  • Creating multi-tasking formulas based on the idea of fewer, better products that you’ll find easy to use, take up less time and money and are less impactful on the environment.
  • Using natural ingredients enhanced with pro-grade clinical actives when necessary, supported by robust clinical data, to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Creating products that are formulated for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • We voluntarily obtain COSMOS certification, which means our entire supply chain is vetted by the Soil Association (right down to the washing up liquid we use!) to make sure we're doing our bit to minimise impact on the environment.
  • Using recyclable packaging, including glass, tubes derived from sugar cane and cardboard.
  • Sourcing all ingredients directly from suppliers ourselves, rather than relying on contract manufacturers. This ensures 100% traceability and a better price for us (and therefore you).
  • Selling directly to you, right here (ie. online only) rather than through retailers. Retailers take a hefty chunk of sales revenue meaning we would need to add a much bigger mark-up to our products to make money. No retailers, no retail mark-ups.

  • Creating products just for the sake of newness. We pick the best ingredients currently available based on the latest scientific data and combine these into as few a number of formulas as possible. Our innovation is about quality, not quantity.
  • Formulating with known irritants or disruptors to skin or the environment, like parabens, silicones, drying alcohols, petrochemicals, sulfates, PEGs, chemical sunscreens, phthalates… to name just a few.
  • Using excess packaging. We minimise outer packaging as far as practically possible. That’s why we don’t do glam, sparkly outers – and we use recyclable paper padding rather than bubblewrap in our mailing boxes to protect your products in transit.
  • Testing on animals or using suppliers who test on animals – our products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and vegan by The Vegan Society.
  • Selling our products through third-party retailers, because the retailer mark-ups just don’t work in your favour.

Hey, big sister

We’d love you to meet our sister brand, Sister & Co. If Tandem is about routine (in a good way!), Sister & Co. wants you to be able to find a few minutes (seconds…whatever you have) to step out of the everyday… every day. She’s on holiday at the moment (she’s all about the indulgence, that one), but she's coming back soon with her gang of luxurious organic bath, body and baby-care heroines.

Meet Sister & Co.

Meet Sister & Co.

Our Founders

Tandem Skincare is founded by Sophie Thompson and husband Sam Hinchliffe. Sophie set up natural bath and body brand Sister & Co. back in 2015 which grew quickly, catching the attention of major UK department stores and online retailers who started selling the brand's products.

Customers soon began to ask for the same natural, multi-tasking and accessibly priced products for their face as well as their bodies. It seemed there was so much that could be done to streamline and uncomplicate skincare, which has become opaque and confusing in terms of ingredients, price points and what products are really necessary.

So Sophie and Sam decided the moment was definitely now. Sam joined the business full-time and together with their wondrous cosmetic chemist, they've created Tandem Skincare – high-performance daily skincare products for an easy everyday skin routine.

Both Tandem Skincare and Sister & Co. will live online only. After over four years of selling through retailers, Sophie and Sam think things can be done a little differently – and you’ll be the ones to benefit.

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