Fewer, better products. Our type of skincare maths.

by Tandem Skincare on Sep 12, 2019

We create skincare that does more, but with fewer products. Because we think that skincare has become overcomplicated.

Too. Many. Products.

Right now, the sheer quantity of products on shelves is causing problems. Brands feel that they have to constantly bring out more products to meet demand and stay new and ahead. As a result there's confusion over what and how many products to use, and how to use them, and in what order, and ingredients, and claims, and whether something is worth the money, and... so many things. 

How we streamline.

We've taken a new approach to formulation. Instead of splitting out actives across as many formulas as possible, to create the greatest amount of products to sell, we believe in putting all our resources into creating a manageable range of products which meet all your skincare needs.

Our formulas combine high concentrations of proven skin-beneficial natural and organic ingredients with the best clinical actives into the fewest number of products. We use the maximum recommended percentage of actives based on the latest clinical data, rather than a tiny amount just in order to be able to claim that the product includes that ingredient. The results? A seriously hard-working collection of multitaskers designed to streamline your skincare routine while giving your skin everything it needs.

What's our approach to innovation?

We have three or four products that cover the essentials in terms of looking after skin, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, which are formulated for all skin types - dry, oily, combination and sensitive. We then have two Boosters that target common skin concerns. We don't plan on launching a new product every couple of months - we think we've covered most bases. 

We're not anti-innovation, quite the opposite. But we are anti the number of products we're often led to believe we need. Take a look in your bathroom cabinet. How many bottles are barely used? We're not judging —we're the same! We innovate based on quality, not quantity. So we'll focus on improving the formulas we have, rather than constantly creating new products. 

So, what you going to do with all that new shelf space?!