Acids… what business do they have on our face?!

by Tandem Skincare on Oct 09, 2019

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of using acids on your skin, and not at all scared – you’re not the ones we need to convince (but hey! Tell your friends. There’s a lot of work to be done here). Some of you will have heard acids are a thing but definitely are scared. And some of you – well, you’ll probably think the idea’s so crazy that scared doesn’t even come into it.

First things first - acids, when used right, can do amazing things for skin. BUT - being scared does have its place. When used wrong, things can go very wrong, and skin can become horribly sensitised and irritated. With a proliferation of acid products on the market and confusion over how to use them and which is right for your skin type, it comes as no surprise that dermatologists are claiming that mis-use of acids is leading to many of the skin problems they're confronted with. 

So – what do acids do, and why do they do it so well?

Acids exfoliate the skin – that is, break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together to force skin cell turnover to speed up. This process gets rids of grime, sebum and product build up that has gathered on the skin’s surface over time - all the things that can lead to dullness, breakouts and congestion, as well as preventing products from penetrating in the way they need to actually work. The result? The revelation of new, healthy skin. Exfoliating is one of the key ways you’ll ‘get the glow’.

Acids also exfoliate in a way that's kinder to skin, through what's known as ‘chemical’ exfoliation. They work smoothly and evenly, in contrast to 'physical' exfoliators – in other words, grainy scrubs. The little grains have jagged edges which can actually cause tiny micro-tears in skin and lead to irritation, defying the point of exfoliating in the first place. Scrubbing with physical exfoliators might feel good to you but rest assured - your skin is not feeling the same.

Which acids do we love, and how should you use them?

There are two types of acids in skincare: alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). We use AHAs lactic acid (derived from maize) and Australian lime extract in our organic Easy Exfoliator, which get on very well with most skin types. These acids also have moisturising, nourishing properties. We include a small amount of BHA, salicylic acid, which penetrates deeper into pores to thoroughly clean them out.

Easy Exfoliator is super simple to use – just dampen a cotton pad with product and swipe it over a clean face, avoiding the eye area. There’s no need to rinse.

We use the same AHAs in More than Moisturiser Body, so you’ll find the product exfoliates as well as moisturises. No need for body scrub. Win. 

For best results and to make sure your skin stays on the right side of happy, use Easy Exfoliator once to twice a week at night, and More than Moisturiser Body up to three times a week at night.

So hopefully we’ve managed to convince you – there’s no need to fear acids, they’re super simple to use and they're pretty game-changing. 


Very important point. Always use acid products at night, as exfoliating reveals new skin that is more sensitive to the sun. ALWAYS make sure to use a high SPF in the daytime when using acid-based products.